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Compliments of the Season

Merry xmas and a happy new year to one and all. Thank you sooooooo much for fellowshiping with us on this forum. You really have being a blessing and we hope to hear from you soon. Our discussions will continue as normal immediately after the new year by the grace of God.

Have a wonderful time. Happy holidays… 🙂


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3 thoughts on “Compliments of the Season

  1. Hi notsamson, thank you for your kind words and yes indeed God has blessed me and continues to do so.

    It seems we are alone but perhaps not for long, I was wondering if you personally have Scripture you don’t understand, many people do and sometimes it has a answer we don’t see untill it is pointed out to us, I know it was that way with me As the Scriptures say Iron sharpens Iron, think about it perhaps it was one I use to be hung up on or was confused about.

    Christian Love Anne.

  2. What differance does God make…

    I live in Queensland Australia, at the beginning of the year my home like many others was flooded but I was helped to recover what was lost and realised many cared.
    I became very ill from a germ the flood waters incubated but because of it I found help for my weakened immune system that I had suffered from for years.
    I has a serious Accident on my Mobility Scooter but was not hurt and now have one I can trust to get me home.
    During the year I broke my Ankle and found I had on going help that I didn’t know was available from the Government.
    Little Petal one of my precious doggy friends died … Missy another little dog knocked at my front door lost and confused and became a much loved part of my family.
    My Computer crashed and through error the Technician Lost 5 years of my work… but the most important my friends e-mails, created Power points etc were able to be restored.
    I started blogging and now have a hacker who is causing me much distress deleting my posts and changing settings… but I have had much happiness in making new friends and continue to do so… thank you also notsamson.
    At the beginning of December my much Loved older Sister died but a mysterious letter from her arrived 2 weeks before telling me how much she loved me, it was written a year ago but was lost in the post.
    I spent Christmas day alone for the first time in my life and my Christmas dinner was Cheese on toast… but my faithful furry companions never left my side and a Loving friend made my Birthday the next day one I will never forget… it was very, very special.

    And…Many Times throughout the year my Loving and compassionate God has touched my heart with deep inner Joy and reassured me that …I am indeed a Child of The King of Kings and I look forward to the New Year with thankfulness and an assurance that all things will work together for good because I Love the Lord but amazingly and so breathtakingly awesome, He Loved me first…How very good is that Truth!

    Christian Love and many Blessings to you all and your Loved ones – Anne.

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