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God said thou shall not kill, yet He ordered some of His prophets to carry out a large number of killings. What is your take on this?

What would you say if someone was to rise today and starts killing people, claiming he or she was commanded by God to do so. Afterall, this took place in the old testament. Right?

if God intended to purge out sin amogst the people, surely He could have done that Himself like He had done before. Why did God use humans to carry out these killings and if you were alive in those days, would you have believed this was an act of God?

How do we explain this to Atheists and the kids we are telling that God is so loving and hates evil?

Our Response,

God does place authorities in man to execute judgement on His behalf.. His prophets were His authorities and were doing exactly as commanded. Confirmed in the new testament, Romans 13:1-4 ‘1 Let every soul be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and the authorities that exist are appointed by God. 2 Therefore whoever resists the authority resists the ordinance of God, and those who resist will bring judgment on themselves. 3 For rulers are not a terror to good works, but to evil. Do you want to be unafraid of the authority? Do what is good, and you will have praise from the same. 4 For he is God’s minister to you for good. But if you do evil, be afraid; for he does not bear the sword in vain; for he is God’s minister, an avenger to execute wrath on him who practices evil. 

Many christians find it dfficult to accept the true nature of God. They want to accept God as their loving heavenly father but do not want to embrace the fact that He is equally a judge (an incorruptible one for that matter) and also an impartial judge; so much so that He will not even destroy Satan and avenge the blood of His saints until his appointed time, despite the fact that satan has grieved Him plenty. God will never go back on His word… that is why He is God.

But does this justify the death of babies?

To explain this to Atheists and kids will take a book, as one must first explain the true nature of God in order for the reader to understand. We are trusting God for this to happen in due time…

In the mean time, please consider this -Man CAN know the heart of God, ask King David who was not recorded as a prophet in his time but had revelations that other recognised prophets didn’t.


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62 thoughts on “God said thou shall not kill, yet He ordered some of His prophets to carry out a large number of killings. What is your take on this?

  1. As you know notsamson I had a Ministry to Atheists and realised there are two types, those who are ones in their heads and the others are in their hearts, if there rejection of God comes from confusion or wrong teaching you can reach them but if they have a hard heart they will never come to repentance and there is no way regardless of any proof you share with them, that they will accept God’s Truth, we of course can’t judge them either way, we are to be faithful to share with all of them even if there is no hope… their choice.

    Hope you enjoyed your Christmas notsamson , mine continues as of couse it needs to always… the heart of Christmas lasts all year.

    Christian Love Anne.

    • Hi Anne, always good to hear from you. Thanks for dropping in and merry xmas to you for the whole year. lol. Christmas was good for us too, we thank God for keeping us.

      • It’s my pleasure to visit notsamson perhaps because not only have I Ministered to Atheists I was one of them myself for nearly 30 years but mine came from confusion because of teaching that was in error.

        I have great compassion for others when they profess that there is no God because of wrong teaching but what about the hard hearted, God tells us to share His Truth with everyone but if it is rejected to just walk away, we all have our choice to make and God will not force us to seek after Him and to reject the worldly, fleshy Theories that are presented to replace Him, but He does promise us if we seek for Him with all our heart we will find Him…How good is that my friend!

        Christian Love Anne.

      • I agree with you 100%. You are proof that some people are in the dark because they genuinely question things because they want to understand and not because they just want to be rebellious…. reason for our mission. Especially these youths killing each other for nothing, all because of their beliefs…. believe me, they have a belief.

  2. >>>>>>>>>”How do we explain this to Atheists and the kids we are telling that God is so loving and hates evil?

    Good thoughts. We can’t explain God. He reveals Himself to each heart. And He surely visits the heart of each child as He did mine at a very young age. The ways of God can never be known or understood by non-believers. There aren’t enough words to give understanding about the nature of God to unbelievers. Their hearts are closed to truth since understanding comes only by way of the Holy Spirit through divine revelation (1co 1:18 For the preaching of the cross is to them that perish foolishness; but unto us which are saved it is the power of God). But God put it in the heart of each man to know the truth so those who reject are without excuse (Romans 1:20). I don’t waste words on those who insist on demeaning the purity and justice of God. Their words are by choice. Their intent is evil. Their words are the warfare raging in high spiritual places. (Eph 6:12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places). Much death and destruction in the both the Old Testament is the consequence of choosing death over Life. The rules are clear. Every man knows the rules. He chooses to play by the rules or to reject the rules of Life and Death. Each man in Noah’s day could have come on board the Ark. Each man in Lot’s day could have heeded the warning of impending wrath on the evil. When a man chooses evil, he knows he is making a choice to serve self (mammon) rather than God. He knows. And when he chooses evil his eyes and ears are closed to Truth. Only God knows when it is time for His spirit to cease striving with a man’s heart. We can only pray that ‘thy will be done’ in all cases with those who rant and rave against the love and justice of God. Only God knows whether there is hope yet for such a person. So, for me it is not a question of how to explain God to the atheist but rather a time for the heart to celebrate the loving mercy of the just God.

    Ro 1:32 Who knowing the judgment of God, that they which commit such things are worthy of death, not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them.

    Free Will is Life and Death business. Serious stuff! And God desires all men yield to the knowledge of the Truth.

    Again, good thoughts!!! Thanks.

    • Well said (internet elias).. well said. However, I have noticed a fast growing nature of inquisition of people today, especially the younger generation, they geneuinely question things because they find them difficult to understand. Alot of youths with the christian background tend to go along with the faith just to please their parents; soon as they become independent, their true nature start to emerge. They never really had things explained to them properly in the 1st place so it should not come as a shock when this happens. It was more or less imposed on them and even if they weren’t, as they grow older, they naturally begin to develop their own mind about these things and begin to doubt what appeared they used to believe.

      To be honest I believe people’s questions are not being answered because for one reason or the other, people choose not to ask questions because they probably feel their questions cannot be answered anyways, but they just play along so as not to be looked upon as a rebel (devil).

  3. M G Kizzia on said:


    To say God kills sinners is not wrong. I guess what I am saying is to put it that way is to invite the wrong impression. To say that invites our judgment on those who die or are killed, but would we really want to say God killed the baby in the crib because it was a great sinner? I’m saying the truth is more complicated than that.

    Yes, we have all sinned evidenced by the fact that we all die (will die). “We have all sinned and fallen short.” And if Paul’s words are not enough, Jesus said we are to be “perfect as our father in heaven is perfect.” None of us is perfect. It was in light of that I said if God was in the sinner killing business we would all be dead already. Yet here we are, walking around, having a conversation, living our lives.

    I guess what I have been trying to say is God is never in the business of killing sinners (people). God is always in the business of killing sin (evil, rebellion, and ultimately death – though the notion of God killing death deserves some thought). Nineveh repented and was spared. The people before the flood did not repent. You can be sure, though, when the waters came, the Holy Spirit was grieved and Jesus wept.

    You see, I find God’s solution to sin (and death) is to bring people to “a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ” so that “even though they die, yet shall they live.” It is not wrong to say that God kills sinners, but we must say that keeping this in mind: “That Christ came into the world, not to condemn the world, but that the whole world might be saved through him.” Consider the phrase “might be saved.” Nineveh had the option of not repenting.

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    • shematwater on said:

      I understand your point, but I think that it glossing over the truth, or avoiding the reality.

      Personally, I think it would be better simply to assert that God kills because of sin, but only because of certain sins. Just as you pointed out that we distinguish between 1st and second degree murder, and I would add Felons and misdemeanors; God also makes such distinctions. He does not simply kill because one has sinned, but because they have committed gross sins and have not turned from them when given the opportunity.
      At the time of Noah the people were given 120 years to repent, but did not avail themselves of the opportunity. In Nineveh the people grabbed at the chance.
      Simply put, there is point at which God will withdrawn his spirit, and thus his offer of salvation, and when that happens he will destroy those whom he has withdrawn from; sometimes through direct actions (such as the flood) and other times through his appointed servants (such as Moses and Israel).

      As to this leading us to judge people, I agree that it can, but generally because people get the idea that he only kills because of sin. God kills many people, some because of sin, and some for other reasons. We do not fully understand his ways and reasons, but we know that it will always work out for the best for all people.

      I really don’t think we are saying anything that is theologically opposed, but simply stating it in a different way.

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  9. I could not find your About so posted this here hope that is Ok…

    As a friend in The Lord notsamson I would like to offer you personally The King of Kings Friendship Award…fell free to accept it or not.

    Blog Post –

    Christian Love Anne

  10. M G Kizzia on said:

    First of all, you seem to be confusing killing with murder. They are not the same thing. Even we dumb humans recognize the difference between murder in the 1st degree, and the 2nd degree and involuntary manslaughter and accidental death and killing in self defense… The commandment, but the way is Thou shall not murder. We have King James, Shakespearean English for giving us the word “kill,” in the same way they gave us the word “Lord” when a correct translation would be Jesus is “God.”

    Second, no one has ever seriously equated killing in war with murder (see Augustine). And the death penalty for crimes against persons, community, culture or society have also never seriously been equated with murder, though I grant that some people these days want to pretend they are the same.

    The “Sins” outlined in the Law of Moses are crimes against the culture. We might find the death penalty harsh for some of those crimes which look like simple moral failings, but God is serious. When he says don’t touch it, he means it. Instead of feeling sorry for the man who steadied the arc, ask what series of events might have played out if the arc had fallen? We might be living in a very different world, but now we will never know. The man defied God and the consequences fell on him, as opposed to Eve (and Adam) who were told not to touch it and when they did the consequences fell on everyone and everything.

    Now, the rule is we all die. Besides Elijah, Enoch was also taken up before the flood, but exceptions do not negate the rule. “It is appointed a man once to die and after this the judgment.” In court such things are called extenuating circumstances. Judges are allowed to consider extenuating circumstances before passing sentence, but allowing for an exception does not negate the rule. Letting a guilty man walk free does not negate the law.

    Finally, if you are still with me, certainly God killed the people in the flood as well as the first born of Egypt. Also, we understand that “the wages of sin is death,” or to be blunt, sin kills. But that is like when we see a mother washing her baby. We say it is the mother washing the child but we know it is actually the water that is doing the washing… God kills. Sin kills. The thing I don’t find is God kills because of sin. Instead, I find God’s answer to sin is the offer of grace and mercy in Jesus Christ.

    I’ll say it again. If God was in the business of killing sinners we would all be dead already. In the Old Testament when you find God judging people, if you look close you will see it as an act of mercy and compassion on the children and generations not yet born. The natural tendency of children is to outdo their parents either into more perverse and depraved sin or into greater love and goodness down through the generations. That road in the wilderness can be walked in either direction. And I am thankful we are not living in a world where Auschwitz and Buchenwald is the norm.

    To put it another way, God is never in the business to eradicate people. It is his desire to eradicate sin, and without violating the “free will” with which we were made. Thus the offer of the cross. Choose as you will.

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    • shematwater on said:

      I agree with (most of) what you say, except that I think God does kill because of sin. It is most definitely a mercy to the rising generation, but it is because of sin.

      God is in the business of eradicating sin, and he does this at time by killing the sinner, and thus preventing the spread. If the people before the flood were not sinners he would not have killed them. If the people of Sodom and Gomorrah were not sinners he would not have killed them. If the man had not sinned in steadying the arc he would not have been killed.

      To use your analogy of the woman washing her child; it would be like saying that the woman doesn’t wash her baby because he’s dirty.
      Say a woman has several children, and she them all to be clean. If one goes and plays in the mud she washes them to prevent them from getting the others dirty. The cause, or the thing that makes her action of washing necessary, is the mud, even though the motivation for it is the desire to keep her other children clean.
      In the same way, God wants us all to be free of sin. If a person or group plays in sin too much God will kill them. The cause, or the thing that makes such a killing necessary, is the sin, even though the motivation for it is the mercy of God towards the rest of humanity.

      I think that if we are ever going to understand God and how he works and why he does what he does, we have to admit that he does act because of sin, even to the extent of killing those who are guilty.

  11. Heckuva good job. I sure aprpeciate it.

  12. Learning a ton from these neat atrcleis.

    • Thank you soooo much. we are learning alot aswell. Pls forgive us. We still very new to this. I do not know how long your responses have being waiting approval but thank God we found them. Thank you sooooo much for the encouragements.

      pls stay tuned for many more, by the grace of God.

  13. shematwater on said:

    All very interesting statements.

    Freedomborn had it right, that these killings were a mercy, and she explained it well. However, I would have to ask why Saul was commanded to also destroy the animals, as well as the children who had as yet not committed any of these acts, and could be raised by the Israelites in righteousness?

    I would also suggest this same story to Grant, for he states that these people all had time enough to repent, but I would question that in regards to little children, especially those who are infants and as yet unable to do most anything on their own.

    I would also have to question those who wish to separate the New Testament from the Old, as stating that such a change took place in the way God deals with men would indicate a changing being.

    This is a very important question, and one must not only come to terms with it, but must reconcile this aspect of God’s nature with his love.
    In respect to the utter destruction that Saul was supposed to carry out, there was a purpose for it, and that was to completely eradicate all remnants of that culture in which such wickedness had occurred. If the children had been spared they would have learned of their origin, and likely would have sought it out, and thus the danger of that evil would not have been erased.
    I will take this a little farther and speak also to the Flood and the destruction of the two cities of the plains. God not only wishes to destroy the wicked, but he seeks to send his children to righteous families. The spirits of men waiting to come to earth desire and hope for a good faithful family. It is out of mercy to them that God destroys such wickedness, for how can a loving God send his children to grow up in such a depraved world. It would be like us hiring a known rapist to babysit our children. We wouldn’t do it. So, God destroyed the cultures that he could no longer send his children to.
    However, there is no way that the children had a sufficient time to repent, as few of them had even heard of God in all likelihood. So how is killing them justified? It is justified because those who are without law are not subject to it. A child is without such a law, as they lack an understanding of good and evil. As such these children were spared the depravity of their parents and died in Christ, as his Atonement is sufficient for them.

    Of course we also must address why he does this destruction himself at times, and why he commands others to do it for him at other times. The simple reason is that the people who were so ordered were being tested. Abraham was commanded to offer Isaac as a sacrifice, and when he did what was commanded God declared “now I know that thou fearest God, seeing thou hast not withheld thy son, thine only son from me.” (genesis 22: 12) We are tried and tested in all things that we have the need, and these men were so tried and tested, a test that Abraham passed, as did Phinehas, the son of Eleazar (Numbers 25); but one that Saul failed, which failure cost him his throne.

    Finally, we have to reconcile the love and mercy seen in the New Testament with the vengeance and death seen in the Old. It is actually quite simple: In the Old Testament God was just as loving to those who believed and followed him and he was in the New Testament. This is seen in the many times Israel is preserved by his power, as well as in the mission of Jonah to Ninavah (a non-Israelite city). It is seen in the dealings of Elijah with the Widow of Serepta, and in the healing of Naaman the leaper. It is also true that the vengeance and death of the Old Testament is very much a part of the New Testament. This is prophesied of by many prophets of the New Testament, and Christ himself said that he was not come to bring peace, but a sword.
    The real different between the two time periods is that in the Old Testament (from the time of Moses) the nation of Israel was governed by the laws of God, which laws proscribe death and vengeance; but in the New Testament the people were more governed by the laws of Rome. God only commands people to kill others when he is both the civil and the religious authority. When he is only the religious authority he commands obedience to the civil; which is what Christ confirmed when he stated “Render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s.”

    This is what I would tell an Aethiest: Look beyond this world, to both the world before and the one that will come after this life. If you do not gain that eternal perspective nothing God ever does will seem right and just.

  14. I agree with the prior relies to this issue; they are all well stated. I’d like to add one more item to the Old Testament killing issue if I may. There is no comparison between things such as this that took place under the Old Covenant and our situation today, for as Christians, we do not live under the Old Covenant, we live under the New Covenant of Grace.

    The Old Covenant was but a shadow of what was to come as the book of Hebrews documents so clearly throughout. The entire nature of worship in the Old Covenant was outward and yet a shadow of what would come…

    It shouldn’t be a surprise, therefore that God’s judgment of those who opposed His people under that Covenant would be an outward one, and so we have the interesting Old Testament history that you have alluded to. Now, however, grace and truth have come through Jesus Christ. Now, because of Jesus Christ we have had it revealed to us that our enemies are not flesh and blood humans, but the principalities and powers of the spiritual, not physical realm.

  15. If someone were to claim he or she was commanded by God to do anything which is not in accordance with the Scriptures, we know that it could not be a command from God. God cannot lie or go back on His Word. The Scriptures are complete and no person can therefore claim to have extra-biblical information, revelations or commands.

    The commands God gave to His chosen people in the Old Testament were given in order to fulfill His promise. We cannot question God’s will or assume that we can understand His will by way of our reasoning. Neither can we judge whether God acted correctly or not. God’s will is Sovereign and perfect for His purposes. If God chose to have certain people or nations killed, it was done for His Glory. There were many righteous men in Old Testament times who knew that it was God who had commanded them, and they acted according to His commands.

    The killings you refer to in the Old Testament can also be compared to the modern day when, during the World Wars, God used millions of men (and women and children) who were killed in defense of the Christian world against the evil which could have virtually eradicated the Christians, had they come into power.

    Furthermore, those whom God commanded to be killed were deserving of the punishment they received. They had also had sufficient opportunity to repent of their evil ways.

    Similarly God still uses people every day, who give their lives in order to bring Glory to God by ensuring His will be done. Not only does God still use people to kill those who oppose Him, God also brings about His judgment by way of natural disasters, plagues, famine, epidemics, accidents, wars and many other means.

    We must also remember this comparison: that while all those who were killed in the Old Testament were sinners (as we still all are today), God also chose to have His sinless Son killed and sacrificed for the all the sins of the world.

    God has provided a solution to the sins of the world in having sacrificed His only Son, a solution which was not yet provided in Old Testament times. That shows that God is all loving, that He is true in punishing evil and saving those who believe. God uses different methods in different times. But we now have the full truth in the Word, the Word having come to us as a man, Jesus Christ who died to take away the sins of those who believe in Him and repent. God will again purge out all sin when He judges everyone finally.

    God gives life and God has the sole right to take life in whatever way He chooses. Although God can and does punish sin by death, He does give us free Grace and He does show mercy to those who repent and are saved.

    • Thank you Grant well said but perhaps there is something, still not acknowledged as you said who are we to question God and if we believe 1 Corinthians 2 we have no need to. But what about those who do… who cry out to God… why why, are you doing this to me, does God condemn them … God knows a persons heart, He is compassionate and Loving, He knows those who cry our in despair or those who have been deceived by others in believing He does evil to do good which the Scriptures tell us is Slander, God can do no evil, He is Love and Love does not do evil … check our 1 Corinthians 13 and Galatians 5: 22- 28 what people may think is evil is not as you said Grant … those who question God out of arrogance and a desire to confuse others, if they don’t come to heart repentance will be answerable for it … no one has the right to question God, but He does have compassion on those who are confused or hurting, thanks again Grant.

      Christian Love Anne.

      • Well said (Anne).. I think people ought to differentiate between asking and questioning. For instance, Abraham asked God about whether or not God will destroy Sodom and Gomora if He found a number of righteous people there, again and again with fear but not once did God say how dare you question me.

        During a police investigation, some people are asked for information on what they saw while some are taken in for questioning. The difference being that the first set of people are being asked, while the latter are being questioned.

    • Thank you very much for your contribution (Grant), much appreciated. Although i agree with most of your views, i’ll just like to point out that i think people ought to differentiate between asking and questioning. For instance, Abraham asked God about whether or not God will destroy Sodom and Gomora if He found a number of righteous people there, again and again with fear but not once did God say how dare you question me.

      During a police investigation, some people are asked for information on what they saw while some are taken in for questioning. The difference being that the first set of people are being asked, while the latter are being questioned.

      pls stay tuned for the views of others and pls come back soon.

      • Hi notsamson thank you for your kind words of encouragement and thank you again for your willingness to let me share from my heart when I feel lead, I received your posts this morning which dose not always happen because for some reason we keep being disconnected, so I will check back every few days.

        Yes I agree with you in regard to Abraham asking God about whether or not if He will mercifully destroy Sodom and Gomorrah if He found a number of righteous people there. God knew the grief Abraham had in his heart just thinking that righteous people may be killed because God has this same concern for all His Children, the only difference was God knew there was none, but He spared Lot and his families lives, He knew He could bring good from the evil because sadly they too had been corrupted as we can see in The Scriptures by their actions.

        There are a few other questions that need responses notsamson but thank you for your patience with me once again, I’m disabled so have more time to Blog then most people but I still have other responsibilities which take me longer.

        I will always respond when needed – Christian Love Anne.

      • God bless you Anne… pls take all the time you need. In Christ you are whole.

  16. M G Kizzia on said:

    God does not deal with sin by killing, and never has. If you are reading the Bible that way, you are misinterpreting. They asked Jesus, who sinned, this man or his parents that he was born blind? Jesus said plainly, neither this man nor his parents sinned. Sin is not the cause.

    If God judged sin simply by killing, we would all be dead already because we have all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.

    The thing is, God is not required to bless those who rebel against him. God will allow people to reap the consequences of their own actions. God will protect future generations from abject horror. This last we see by faith since we do not know the future. We only have a hint of it in the story of Hezekiah who was allowed to live and in that time fathered Manessah the monster. So tell me, was Hitler brought down by God because of his sins or because God wished to be merciful to the generations to come?

    The truth is, we all die. The wages of sin is death. Death happens by killing, murder, accident, disease, natural causes, and you might say God kills us all eventually, one way or another because of our sins. The thing is death is the natural consequence of sin which God allows to happen, but death is not God’s final word on the matter. God does not kill sinners. Instead, God offers the cross where that death penalty price is already paid, once and for all, forever.

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    • Thanx for dropping in sir, are you saying that God does not kill? who killed all the fist born sons of the Egyptians, God or Moses? who killed all the people who did not listen to Noah, God or Noah? who killed all the people in Sodom and Gomora and so on?

      pls stay tuned for the views of others aswell as our response. pls stay tuned sir.

    • shematwater on said:

      What of the man who was struck dead by God for touching the Arc of the Covenant? He saw it shaking and simply reached out to steady it and was struck dead instantly?

      Then you have the death sentence decreed for a large host of sins in the Law of Moses. What of these?

      Also, you say that God kills us all some time, but what of Elijah who was taken off the earth in a fiery chariot? He didn’t die.

  17. If you have not considered this it should help – it sounds like “the problem of evil” relates to the question.

    There is possibly a more direct response to this question (it’s not a new question -very few questions are), and I can go hunt my literature for it ( – handy when it’s electronic) but for now, this may help.

    Maybe the ‘sticky post’ at might also help.

  18. Hi notsamson will not cover everything now as it is already a lot of wordage but will be back in a day or two in response to w hy did God use humans to carry out these killings , thanks for your patience.

    So why did God flood the whole world, have you ever asked Him why notsamson ? most haven’t, who are we to question God but if you did, you would find out that it was because of His great Love and Compassion and not because He is evil or cruel.

    If you had a son or daughter and they were hurting themselves and others without remorse, would you not grieve greatly ? and would you try to stop them from doing so, but what if they would not listen and sadly you knew they never would and just continue feeling no sorrow for the suffering they were causing others and that they would knowingly and willingly continue even hurting defenceless Babies and Children using them to meet perverted sexual needs and worse if it is possible burning them alive to appease their gods and those who were not used for this purpose would grow up and as Adults to do the same including using animals in improper ways. Some would enjoy the fun of seeing a person being torn apart by tying them to 4 horses and sending them in different directions… some find this hard to believe …History tells us they did and also all of the rest of the abominations which they had no intention of stopping… and God knew as He knows all things including their heart focus and He said … ENOUGH!

    Histroy tells us that Pagan cultures did horrific and shameful things and as mankind continues down the same road they will became worse not better because even with all their worldly knowledge based on their own understanding and focus and motivated by their own lusts, without Salvation Mankind digresses they do not evolve into something better which is shown very clearly in History and through the fallen Creation, this is why God needs to put a stop to what Atheism produces long term, evil is shown by a lack of Love and evil seeks to destroy and devour causing much suffering and heartache. God is Love and can do no evil if you doubt that you don’t knowGod and have not read the Scriptures with Spiritual understanding , what many may consider evil may in Truth be merciful and Loving and this is shown throughout the Scriptures, God sought to rescue and protect His Children and still does, the Pagans or Heathens that were killed were evil and if God’s people had intermarried and adopted their ways they would have been be polluted too. God said … ENOUGH!

    People are trying to blame God for the wrong choices they or others have made throughout History and are still making now, as we look around us , the evil we see comes from the evil in Mankind not God, we have a choice how we will spend eternity God has provided a way out for all Mankind, because of His great Love, which means it’s not His will for anyone to suffer.

    As it is clearly shown to those who have eyes to see and ears to hear, God is indeed Love and can do no evil, it is a persons own choice if they continue to do evil by their rejection of His forgiveness and the freedom He offers them in Christ Jesus. Salvation is a free gift no one is good enough to earn it, but it can only be received when we believe in the giver and seek Him with all our heart because it is in knowing God that our doubts and fears are taken away which brings us to True heart repentance which means we can be perfected in Love .

    Choose wisely time is short as clearly seen in God’s Creation, soon He will say ENOUGH!

    Kind regards Anne.

  19. You know, I would probably have felt much anxiety in the rush of all the
    madness around me. Though, in the midst, at some point, I would hope
    that I’d gather senses and faith to converge.

    It’s my belief that we were never meant to be unknowing, as to remain
    innocent and naked in the Garden of Eden. Yes, God could have very
    well done all of what you say Himself but it wasn’t written as such. He
    allowed freedoms and choices, which we accept and make according
    to the greater spirit within us.

    By no means am I a theologian or one of great words to explain anything
    to atheists. I’m just not qualified to delve into that kind of conversation
    but I will pose certain questions to myself, as I did on my blog.

    Your question are points to consider.

  20. First I would simply keep the topic at hand in the Bible and away from emotions and personal opinions as much as possible (2 Corinthians 5:7).

    #1 It is correct that during the Mosaical age that the children of Israel were used by God as an instrument of judgment against sin. God also used other nations like Babylon, Medo-Persian empire in His judgements against and even for the same nation of Israel (Daniel 4:9 and chapter 5; also Jeremiah 27:8) Why did God use Israel to judge the inhabitants of Canaan? An excellent article that deals with this can be found by following this link: It’s an article entitled “The Warring Destruction of the Canaanite People” on in case the link doesn’t work.

    At times God did purge sin by Himself or through His own doings. For example the world-wide flood (Genesis 6-8). At other times He used the instrumentality of people because he determines the rising and the falling of nations (Acts 17:24-26). God made His will clear to those who were following Him. They had a choice to follow or to walk away. The generation that chose to walk away from Canaan was judged and the generation that chose to follow His will inherited the land (Numbers 13,14 & Hebrews 3). God’s will was cleary shown in these cases so I, hopefully, would have believed or I would have suffered the consequences along with others.

    #2 If someone were to rise today and begin taking lives in the name of (by the supposed authority) God I would ask where his or her authority comes from (Colossians 3:17). The New Testament clearly teaches that God’s people will listen to God’s Son (Hebrews 1:1,2; Matthew 17:4,5). Through Christ we are to “mortify/put to death” the sin in our own lives (Colossians 3:1-7; Romans 6:15-23). Not the physical lives of other people.

    Jehovah is a God of patience with sinful lifestyles but His patience is not un-ending. Sin kills and it goes against His will and it must be judged through our earnings or through His grace (Romans 6:23; 2 Peter 3:9-12).

    If we accept God as our Creator we will accept Him as our Judge. Most deny His right to judgment becuase they deny His existence as our Creator (Genesis 18:25; Isaiah 40:28).

    I hope this helps.

    • thanx for stopping by… i like your analogy. But if God intended to purge out sin amongst the people, surely He could have done that Himself like He had done before. Why did God use humans to carry out these killings and if you were alive in those days, would you have believed this was an act of God?

      That being said, i like your statement (Eugene) that “If we accept God as our Creator we will accept Him as our Judge” as i find that most people’s perception is that God is simply our father and they choose to forget the fact that He also is a judge (an impartial judge) who has rules and principles and will condemn when necessary. This statement of yours is part of where we going with this post.

    • This information is off the hioozl!

    • There is a critical shortage of ifnoramtive articles like this.

  21. wow, what a tough qn. i would like to hear from the others too.

    for me, it is something like this.

    when i see a cockroach in the house, i would kill it without a second thought, because i don’t want it to cause food contamination in the house resulting to my family members having stomachache.

    perhaps not really a good example.

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